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So, where’s it going?

If you want to experience convergence, go on live radio and wait for the Facebook chatterers to engage. Continue reading

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What you post online is permanent

If someone talks to you about privacy and Internet safety and you know something about the web, you’re probably just bound to yawn. In Malta, where I happen to live right now, there is a sudden awareness that what you … Continue reading

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The Web is just 5,000 days old

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that what we now take for granted is very young.  Here, Kevin Kelly outlines his vision for Web 3.0 and other things wonderful.  Kevin’s blog is always a source of inspiration.

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Getting to grips with Twitter

I signed up to Twitter ages ago.  Like many people, I dipped my toes into the medium, read that Seth Godin did not use it, and ‘politely’ ignored it. I had a major rethink about social media since we started … Continue reading

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Skills to survive and succeed at work

On 10th December, I was invited by the University of Malta to give a lecture on business skills in the work place.  The lecture was part of the DegreePlus programme, which provides young people with practical skills and formative experiences.  I … Continue reading

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Why Wilfing is good for you

The recent survey commissioned by Britain’s YouGov for  about wilfing was widely reported and threw a lot of people into soul-searching about what appears to be a national pastime.   More than two-thirds of the 33.7 million internet users in the … Continue reading

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The rollercoaster

Occasionally you come across something with edge. This is one of those little clips that makes you stop and smile at how things have changed. And how we’re on this technology meets life rollercoaster, that our children will embrace even … Continue reading

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It’s not about the code

London always gets me to do some soul-searching.  There are days when I wonder why I turned my back on it, in the nineties.  Whenever I am in the city, I guess I reconnect with the part of me I … Continue reading

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On the road

I’m living out of a suitcase, right now.  I’m in Brighton today, London tomorrow, back to Malta on Thursday and out for my trip to Rio on Tuesday.  I’m running some road shows on knowledge management in parallel with the deployment … Continue reading

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The Knowledge Game is only just starting

When you find yourself one of over 2,000 participants from 93 countries packing Online Educa in Berlin, the first sensation is one of chaos and deja’ vu.  People rushing from one forum to another, crowds around the exhibitor stands, the usual mobile phone … Continue reading

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