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Waving hands, TV and Facebook

Convergence culture in Malta – Facebook on TV Continue reading

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So, where’s it going?

If you want to experience convergence, go on live radio and wait for the Facebook chatterers to engage. Continue reading

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Home Truths on Social Media

Plain speaking advice on social media Continue reading

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Company Blog for SMEs – worth it or waste of time?

Do SMEs need a company blog? Tips for successful, small company blogs Continue reading

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Ringing the changes

I wrote this piece for Wired Temples, the blog run by Malta Media.  But I guess it fits in here – because it’s pretty much where my work and research interests currently lie. In December 2007, I wrote a piece … Continue reading

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Reading the tea leaves

Will Content always be free? Google is starting to limit free access to news sites. Will other content providers demand the same? Continue reading

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Back to school

It’s been on my mind for a while.  Like the past 15 years. One of the things about getting older and moving to a small place, is that you gradually become the peer group.  And that’s when you can do … Continue reading

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Open Government: exploring the impact of social media

Yesterday, together with my friend Gege Gatt,  I gave a talk to a COMNET-IT workshop meeting in Malta.  It was interesting to see public servants start to scramble for their 3G phones and laptops at the end. Here’s the deck … Continue reading

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Everybody’s fumbling with Social Media

I’m finalising my slides for a presentation on social media for SMEs next Friday.  As I try and wade through the ‘social media’ column on my TweetDeck to pick up the latest conversations on the subject, there seems to be … Continue reading

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Can you outsource your corporate blog?

A corporate blog is PR isn’t it?  And few companies have a problem outsourcing PR.  So why would they have a problem getting a blog written on their behalf?  After all, outsiders write sales and marketing collateral, press releases, company … Continue reading

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