Alex Grech and Liz Ayling run StrategyWorks from their base in Malta, after previous lives working for large companies in Continental Europe.  Alex works in change management and strategy and is an academic researcher of the disruptive impact of blogging on power systems.  Liz is a communications specialist.

We are passionate about the grass roots changes made possible by the strategic use of the read/write web.

Our side-project is Malta Inside Out.




3 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Conny Racher says:

    Nice site, I like the fotos, and the way you introduce yourselves. Must be exciting to work with you. Maybe , as I keep reading on, there is a chance of working together. Will let you know.

  2. Dr Andrew Azzopardi says:


  3. Hello Alex,

    I saw you introducing yourself in Howard Rheingold’s social media alumni wiki. This led me to spend a some time on your recent posts on your blog. I learned a lot. I now have to ponder what to take out of this. I’ll come back to you in due course to tell you.



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