So, where’s it going?

A week ago Saturday, I was on a radio show to discuss ‘Internet and society’ with an activist turned blogger, an academic and a lawyer cum blogger on a phone link from Luxembourg.  Throughout the show, the unseen radio audience was commenting on the wall of the show’s Facebook page.  Someone skyped in.  My eight year-old stared at the big mic in the middle of the wooden table, fidgeted and drew cartoons of most of us.  And I kept thinking of how I was sitting in a building that in the early eighties was a media fortress, often associated with Big Brother and blatant use of public broadcasting for propaganda purposes.  And here we were, 30 years later, with the same flaking walls and advocating the use of social media and debating censorship and online power structures.

Somewhere along the way, my island became permeable to technology, and old media is having to adjust – get streamed, embedded, podcasted, packaged in whatever format it takes to survive – or even thrive.

It may be early days for some and the island’s digital natives may still be trying to swim in the fish pond – but if you want to experience convergence, get yourself on live radio and wait for the unseen audience to engage on their social networking platform of choice.

Speaking of digital natives, here’s Zuckerberg talking about a whole bunch of stuff, including privacy, strategic partnerships, your data and the new eco system.  And ‘building products that people love’.

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