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First break all the rules

I was first attracted to this book by both the title, and the fact that it was co-written by Marcus Buckingham, a proponent of the ‘strengths’ philosophy that I have embraced in the work place. This is a deck of … Continue reading

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You still need a web strategy and you still need to work at it!

Seth Godin’s post earlier today about the dangers behind aspirations to  ‘overnight success’ on the web really struck a chord.  In the bad old days, it used to be about going to a VC, asking for a pile of money … Continue reading

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Getting organised to get things done

I’m trying to get organised, to get more out of my day without having to resort to three hours’ sleep, as one of my partners does.  There’s a lot of material about time management and plenty of sensible advice on Web … Continue reading

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The Stelios Soundbites

London in the sunshine, 230 exhibitors, 160 seminars and 20,000 people with some aspiration to starting up a business. I dropped into Business Startup 2007 at ExCel with no particular agenda other than to listen into conversations. Real ones, as … Continue reading

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Reinventing yourself

Isn’t it strange? Sometimes you are thinking of something, then your eye drifts over the NetVibes feeds and a post leaps up to reinforce what was on your mind just before your eyes landed on the text.   Or else you purposely … Continue reading

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Letting go

Every external change agent knows the time has to come when you have to let go. Over the past weeks, it became clear that I was reaching the end of the road with a project I have been running for … Continue reading

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It’s not about the code

London always gets me to do some soul-searching.  There are days when I wonder why I turned my back on it, in the nineties.  Whenever I am in the city, I guess I reconnect with the part of me I … Continue reading

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On the road

I’m living out of a suitcase, right now.  I’m in Brighton today, London tomorrow, back to Malta on Thursday and out for my trip to Rio on Tuesday.  I’m running some road shows on knowledge management in parallel with the deployment … Continue reading

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Outside In

There’s something mildly dysfunctional about being a consultant engaged to work as part of a team on the inside.    In most cases, as a change agent, your role within the client’s corporate environment is fairly clear.  You’ve been called in to devise … Continue reading

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