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Grown up digital

The generation gap between the Net generation and previous generations seems to be widening. Much of it may be due to the significant behaviour and attitude changes – particularly in the way the Net generation puts technology and social media to strategic use. Continue reading

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Home Truths on Social Media

Plain speaking advice on social media Continue reading

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How to use social media to search for your tribe

I’ve recently took on an engagement to be the founding editor of a monthly technology supplement for the Sunday Times of Malta, the leading newspaper in my country.  The first edition of Technology Sunday is out tomorrow.  I’m passionate about … Continue reading

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Our new year mashup

I’m never quite sure what to make of year end resolutions – I keep making mine shorter. But like Godin, I think there is no such time as NOW to “use cheap media, available attention and great talent to make something … Continue reading

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Serious skills part 2

Ann E W Stone says that she once read a book that changed the course of her career, and her life.   She learnt that people make snap decisions on others based on ‘signals; and that it was within one’s power … Continue reading

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You still need a web strategy and you still need to work at it!

Seth Godin’s post earlier today about the dangers behind aspirations to  ‘overnight success’ on the web really struck a chord.  In the bad old days, it used to be about going to a VC, asking for a pile of money … Continue reading

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Working home

With the exception of a 15-month break, I have worked from home for the past 8 years.  It may not be the norm in Malta, but actually it’s how many people work worldwide.  Whether it’s people fed up with commuting, … Continue reading

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Why Smart City will work

A post on the BBC’s website yesterday was aptly titled ‘Malta woos technology wanderers’.  I was once told by a consultant to the mobile industry that what Malta needs for the 21st century is the Princess Grace factor.  Someone who … Continue reading

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The Cringe Factor

Things are a bit chaotic.  I have gone from managing a team to managing myself and there has not been much time for the transition.  Muovo, the new startup, is at drawing board stage (more on that some other time).  … Continue reading

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Reinventing yourself

Isn’t it strange? Sometimes you are thinking of something, then your eye drifts over the NetVibes feeds and a post leaps up to reinforce what was on your mind just before your eyes landed on the text.   Or else you purposely … Continue reading

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