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Social Business Forecast 2011

Social business forecasts for 2011 Continue reading

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Grown up digital

The generation gap between the Net generation and previous generations seems to be widening. Much of it may be due to the significant behaviour and attitude changes – particularly in the way the Net generation puts technology and social media to strategic use. Continue reading

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No, social media is not going away

I’m a change agent and a strategist.  I’ve done that for over 20 years.  Before that, I worked in finance for multinationals. Now, I (also) research  how we’re using social media networks to deliver change.  My partial metamorphosis into a … Continue reading

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First break all the rules

I was first attracted to this book by both the title, and the fact that it was co-written by Marcus Buckingham, a proponent of the ‘strengths’ philosophy that I have embraced in the work place. This is a deck of … Continue reading

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Yours socially

A CEO recently told me he had an inkling he needed to get his brands on ‘some of those social media things’ but that he had no idea where to start, or whether social media marketing worked. In contrast, Andrew … Continue reading

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Our new year mashup

I’m never quite sure what to make of year end resolutions – I keep making mine shorter. But like Godin, I think there is no such time as NOW to “use cheap media, available attention and great talent to make something … Continue reading

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Skills to survive and succeed at work

On 10th December, I was invited by the University of Malta to give a lecture on business skills in the work place.  The lecture was part of the DegreePlus programme, which provides young people with practical skills and formative experiences.  I … Continue reading

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Serious skills part 2

Ann E W Stone says that she once read a book that changed the course of her career, and her life.   She learnt that people make snap decisions on others based on ‘signals; and that it was within one’s power … Continue reading

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You still need a web strategy and you still need to work at it!

Seth Godin’s post earlier today about the dangers behind aspirations to  ‘overnight success’ on the web really struck a chord.  In the bad old days, it used to be about going to a VC, asking for a pile of money … Continue reading

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Solving the work-life balance in Palm City, Tripoli

I’ve just returned from a whistle-stop 48 hours in Tripoli, Libya.  Not your average tourist destination, granted, and only mad dogs and Englishwomen would venture in late July to a country that’s 90 per cent desert.  But, I had a … Continue reading

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