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Managing Information overload

Tools for managing and curating online information are available. We just need to understand which to use, and when! Continue reading

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Why you can’t work at work

It may sound like a cliche these days, but formal offices are really redundant. Continue reading

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Online barter: using friends as free labour

Bartering expertise is a useful way to get your small, home businesses pepped up and marketed. But don’t abuse the quid pro quo. Continue reading

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Be helpful

Chris Brogan recently wrote an excellent post about why community really matters.  And then  Valeria Maltoni waded in that ‘being helpful’ should be ‘the new black’.   If you’re in Melbourne on the 22nd and 23rd September, you can catch my … Continue reading

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Getting organised to get things done

I’m trying to get organised, to get more out of my day without having to resort to three hours’ sleep, as one of my partners does.  There’s a lot of material about time management and plenty of sensible advice on Web … Continue reading

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Philosophy Football

I’ve had a break from writing anything on this blog.  Initially, it was the post-holiday blues.  How do you engage, find the discipline, to blog, when your head is still full of Rio, and the assault that part of the … Continue reading

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