On the road

I’m living out of a suitcase, right now.  I’m in Brighton today, London tomorrow, back to Malta on Thursday and out for my trip to Rio on Tuesday. 

I’m running some road shows on knowledge management in parallel with the deployment of SharePoint services as an entry Intranet for a key client.  It’s a useful exercise, to toggle between the concept – on a PowerPoint and whatever other device I am using to do the ‘ra ra’ theatre bit – and then get into the nitty gritty of the application.  You have to field the usual skepticism – ‘why do I need  discussion board when there are only eight of us in this office?  I can go and speak to Emma next door.  Are you guys just deploying technology for technology’s sake?  What’s a blog?  Yes, I do have a ‘My Space’, but this is a company environment, and I cannot see why anyone would be interested in what I have to say…’

So I look for the champions of change, wherever they may be – sometimes it is an illuminated COO, other times someone who has read an article and sees an opportunity to get a leg up in the organisation.  You try and connect and engage with someone who sees value in the concept, and then use them as multipliers to spread the word.  You use the carrot and stick approach.  You are firm about the company wanting to change the way it communicates; and about the value there is in extracting knowledge from individuals for ‘the common good’. 

I just keep making the same point.  These are tools.  They are useful.  You may not be familiar with them.  Soon, you will be asking for upgrades.  Just over a year ago, you did not know much about Skype or You Tube.  Our learning is accelerating, even if we are not the tuning forks we think we are.

In the meantime, the skies over Brighton are cobalt grey and the wind and the sea are both conspiring to howl and whistle.   You take your life in your hands if you walk close to the Pier. 

One to recommend – the breakfast at Paskins is a work of art. 

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