Social Media Strategy Rules OK

Process for developing a Social Media Strategy

Sometimes, it seems we’re stuck in groundhog day.

I developed my first social media strategic plan in 2008. It’s three years down the line and you’ve still get corporates ‘trying things out’ on the fly‘ and then scrambling for some social media monitoring tool to demonstrate ‘ROI’ to a sceptic executive.

The slide above is from one of those early workshops I ran years ago. It was reproduced in part by my friend Joakim Nilsson. If the pyramid looks very much like an orthodox strategic planning approach to any business – the comparisons are all intentional.

In the heady space between suspicious, middle-aged power executives and the eager-beaver ‘new media consultants’ there continues to be a disconnect that has proved to be more resilient that we all thought in 2008.

The only way to bridge the gap between social media enthusiasts and CEO’s and CFO’s who have to watch the bottom line is to treat social media as another (albeit revolutionary) CRM, marketing, PR, and HR channel.

And that means approaching it in a logical, phased fashion that is comprehensible to the men in suits – and to those whose comfortable world is likely to be turned upside down once people start to understand the transformational potential of the medium.

Social media is all about engagement. But you cannot engage in a cost-effective manner without getting your strategy nailed early on. And the first people you have to engage with are the sceptics within your fold – before you try and engage with your prospects and clients.

There are more pearls of wisdom in the deck of slides below.

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