Be helpful

Chris Brogan recently wrote an excellent post about why community really matters.  And then  Valeria Maltoni waded in that ‘being helpful’ should be ‘the new black’.   If you’re in Melbourne on the 22nd and 23rd September, you can catch my friend Stephen Johnson and social media luminaries  such as Darren Rowse and David Armano over 2 days of conferences and workshops – and it won’t cost you a dime other than a donation to your favourite charity.

Wherever you look, the traditional networking and underlying business models are being turned on their head.  Free is in vogue – many of us are also using the downturn to take a new hard look of how we, and our clients, are operating and trying to think sideways.

I came across this post from Rheingold, today:  ‘When social media grew from a playground and laboratory for a small group of enthusiasts into a worldwide platform for commerce, politics, sociality, I became convinced that knowing how to use and think about social media could influence the final shape of the emerging infosphere. What you know and do today matters because it will be part of setting the rules for who can use these media, how they can use them, who will profit, and who will control tomorrow’s media’.

Even on my island, a bunch of people tool the plunge and are launching Mobile Monday on the 14th September  in the hope that they can start a small movement.  The planning for this event has been approximately 5 weeks.  I’m happy to be involved in this one.

And speaking of helpful – and how sharing and ‘free’ is what I believe will undpin the next wave of innovation (and hopefully, my research),  here’s a great deck of slides on post digital marketing.  I love Slideshare.

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