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Company Blog for SMEs – worth it or waste of time?

Do SMEs need a company blog? Tips for successful, small company blogs Continue reading

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Yours socially

A CEO recently told me he had an inkling he needed to get his brands on ‘some of those social media things’ but that he had no idea where to start, or whether social media marketing worked. In contrast, Andrew … Continue reading

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Can you outsource your corporate blog?

A corporate blog is PR isn’t it?  And few companies have a problem outsourcing PR.  So why would they have a problem getting a blog written on their behalf?  After all, outsiders write sales and marketing collateral, press releases, company … Continue reading

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Solving the work-life balance in Palm City, Tripoli

I’ve just returned from a whistle-stop 48 hours in Tripoli, Libya.  Not your average tourist destination, granted, and only mad dogs and Englishwomen would venture in late July to a country that’s 90 per cent desert.  But, I had a … Continue reading

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