Waving hands, TV and Facebook

If you want to experience convergence culture, you could do worse than do a live radio show to understand how permeable to the web 2.0 that medium is becoming.

TV, long besieged by YouTube’s potential for disintermediation and personalisation and ‘free culture’, is somewhere between a siege mentality and curiosity about the idea of using social media platforms to reach out to the audience, foster content longevity, nurture online networks and (who knows) tap into whatever scraps of online revenues such participation may create.

My country continues to equally bemuse because of its disproportional uptake of Facebook. Three years ago, I was trying to find out why, by asking my online friends – and I followed up a year ago.   Now that 43% of the nation is on Facebook, the mainstream TV media in Malta has also had to take notice – and finally, perhaps, start to understand and adapt to citizens’ use of the powerful tools at their disposal.

So this is where I get to stay at home and wave my hands on TV and gabble in Maltese about the changes behind closed doors.   Which also means that 10 seconds of attention span gets mashed up into the ageing, trusted medium of the blog.  Though my grocer in Siggiewi told me, the following day, that though I was right about what I’d said on TV, she still had problems convincing her husband to actually use his mobile phone.

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