Location Based Services and Mobile Monday

I got involved with the local chapter of Mobile Monday in September 2009, about 9 days before its launch, after a phone call from Rene Magri, the local chapter founder.  Rene had Jari Tammisto, the CEO of Mobile Monday Global and a key speaker scheduled to fly to Malta for the 10th, but still had to assemble a crowd for the launch.  He had no ready access to the media, telco operators, regulators and sponsors – or any significant online presence to market the event.  He just knew that he couldn’t afford to fail.

I now remember the 2009 chat in my garden with some amusement – in the end, I’d resorted to scrawling through names on my mobile and some plain old-fashioned lobbying in the subsequent days.  But Rene and his two co-founders got their crowd and the room had sparkled with some energetic debate on technology, entrepreneurship, IP and social networks.

MOMO Malta holds its third meeting tomorrow, having finally secured funding that will allow it to hopefully get some traction.  In this video, Ric Ferraro, the key speaker,  talks to Rene about location based services, scale, start-ups and why he thinks mobile is becoming a more pervasive delivery channel than the web.

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