Everybody’s fumbling with Social Media

I’m finalising my slides for a presentation on social media for SMEs next Friday.  As I try and wade through the ‘social media’ column on my TweetDeck to pick up the latest conversations on the subject, there seems to be a number of common threads:

1.  Early adopters of social media tools are up in arms on new entrants claiming to be ‘social media marketers.’  The consensus seems to be that unless you update a blog regularly (for yourself and others), manage a Facebook group, and twitter regularly (for yourself and others) and (here’s the US hook) have advised some Fortune 100 company on social media marketing, you’re not really cut to be a social media marketer.  (I find this particularly amusing, as I believe social media is essential for SMEs to reach way beyond their physical and economic budgeting / marketing / logistical restrictions to connect with entirely new customer segments).

2.  Then again, large companies also apparently get it wrong.  Watch this.

3.  Evan Williams has waded in on mainstream US TV to explain how Twitter works, and why they did not take Facebook’s money.

4.  There is clearly a sense of comedy in the confusion of what Twitter is all about, seeing it defies the basic business tenet of ROI.  Jon Stewart saw a great opportunity to explain.

5.  In the meantime, more sign of the times:  some hope social media will get them a job.  Others are still in Obama mode and are focusing on how social media can create change.

My advice?

Ignore all advice.  Or take the most simple:  

1. Listen.

2. Set up.

3. Participate.

4. Engage.  

5. Network.  

6. Build Something together.

7. Repeat.

And the sting in the tail?  It’s not totally free, it’s not instant karma and yes.. you may need some help.  Business Week still nailed it.

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3 Responses to Everybody’s fumbling with Social Media

  1. Fenby Miskin says:

    One of the biggest obstacles for Social Media for business that I encounetr is being able to persuade the client that once we have shown them the benefits and carried out the initial set up; that THEY need to be posting. Traditionally I work with marketing people but I feel that the sales people ought to be making posts.

  2. mgoetz says:

    I think there is a bit of mysticism and awe around social media and people that “do it”. I love point 1 to 2. With so few companies really using it, using it well, or even understanding what to do with it, social media experts are still in the same camp as SEO experts. Snake oil. I also agree with Fenby – sales is the real opportunity. Great post.

  3. David Pogue had an interesting take on social media, particularly Twitter. The problem is that monetisation of it is generally on traditional advertising models but use actually defies those models. There is an expectation among corporates that you can standard advertising models and sure that happens but by the time those models are applied, the technology, uses and use patterns have all changed. Would anyone regard MySpace these days as anything special?

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