When Gmail went down: sheer poetry

As I write this, Gmail has been down for over five hours.  I’m still looking at a ‘502 server error’ message’ in Malta, though some people are saying the service is slowly coming back to life.  It’s something quite unprecedented.  The news broke early on Twitter, as the eager, connected social media types tried to access email, and drew a blank.

In 140-character speak, there are already some great nuggets as we get to terms with cloud computing failing:

@jackschofield:  Cost of outage: 100 million users x $50 per hour x 5 hours = $25 billion. Make your own guesses

@helenawaldron:  Thank heavens for little twitterers who explain why my gmail isn’t working – fingers crossed it’s back soon!

@twoon:  using google to find an alternative login for gmail ; the irony almost kills me

@TechCrunch:   Trouble In The Clouds: Gmail Turns Into Gfail

@Cocco00:  Microsoft must really be enjoying this gmail fiasco

@noplay:  Give Gmail a break and enjoy the silence

It’s actually been quite fun reading these tweets!  I just wonder whether with time, this will be deemed to be an isolated, 9/11 type incident or the shape of things to come:  when cloud computing started to go pear-shaped.

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