Our new year mashup

I’m never quite sure what to make of year end resolutions – I keep making mine shorter. But like Godin, I think there is no such time as NOW to “use cheap media, available attention and great talent to make something that matters”.  Everyone I know is cost cutting, firing, waiting for some positive sign from somewhere to take them out of credit crunch paralysis and fear.  We believe there are opportunities waiting to be exploited while your competitors stop and lick their wounds.

This is the approach we are taking with our new project:

  1. Focus on an area where you have a natural strength – where you can use your unique combination of talents, skills and knowledge to create some meaningful positive change for others.  Specifically, look for an area where you can ‘commoditise’ what you know.
  2. Identify a tribe that you can lead.  Click here for a tribe you may belong to without knowing.
  3. Use a decent blogging platform like WordPress to get a  mashup blog cum website started.  Start developing your content.
  4. Use Ning or Elgg to bolt on a community element and invite members of your tribe.  You know where the first members may be.  Go fishing.
  5. Use Facebook  as a powerful inbound link and to reach out to members of your tribe
  6. Use Twitter as a short hand blog.
  7. Use Squidoo to develop a lens or two as your project starts to take shape
  8. Use Slideshare to develop an elevator pitch of your new project.
  9. Get your LinkedIn profile updated to reflect the above
  10. Go
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1 Response to Our new year mashup

  1. Karl says:

    How about Tom Peter’s Top-50 have you’s for some new year resolutions: http://blabinteractive.blogspot.com/2008/12/blabs-new-years-resolutions.html

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