Seth’s out to change lives

I never got an MBA. I’ve mentored a few, managed to get into Cranfield School of Management to pursue a PhD.. but, somehow, work, running a business, moving countries, having a child, always pushed academia to the side. And I guess with time you realise that you can never stop learning. And that the structured approach to teaching and learning vis a vis ‘real working life’ does not quite prepare you for what’s in store.

I’m working on a lecture for university students on business skills. A greatest hits of lessons learnt, I guess. It’s great fun to work on – I just hope I manage to at least reach one person.

But if I could recommend a life changing experience, to anyone with curiosity, restlessness, drive and passion, it would have to be this.  What an incredible opportunity for some very fortunate people.  And Godin proves once again that he is always ahead of the pack, and practises what he preaches.  He is now really leading his tribes.  And they are not confined by age, geography, culture, religion or economic status.

I haven’t stopped thinking of this for the past week.

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One Response to Seth’s out to change lives

  1. Braden Galea says:

    hi mr grech, i would like to thank you for the informative degreeplus lecture you delivered, which in my opinion was one of the best. keep up the fantastic work. braden

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