The Cringe Factor

Things are a bit chaotic.  I have gone from managing a team to managing myself and there has not been much time for the transition.  Muovo, the new startup, is at drawing board stage (more on that some other time).  Whatever it is.. it’s that time of the year, when things change overnight (in Malta,  we literally go from winter to summer seemingly overnight).  Or maybe I am still in a state of shock to find that one of my heroes, Hugh MacLeod, is working for (gulp) Microsoft.   

But no sooner was I into my five minutes of Jungian self-analysis that my perspective of the world – of the map of who’s who – the heroes, the good guys, bad guys.. and the guys who just don’t get it – was mercifully reaffirmed courtsey of the Ernst & Young video.

Somewhere, I keep thinking that this might have been an April Fool’s joke.  Or that some bright guy in a suit thought that it was wonderfuly viral and get people to talk about E&Y (yes, they are!)

But like many others.. I just cringed.  It would be really hilarious.. if it weren’t so sad.

And yes.. I admit, I used to be an accountant, once.  I was just never that happy about it.

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